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Calling all truth seekers, spiritually awakened souls, lightworkers, and starseeds we need YOU to participate in a free global meditation celebration hosted by Fire the Grid. There are endless studies that reveal the positive impact of global meditations and it's time for another round to assist in resolving these chaotic times. In 2007, "The Fire the Grid" organized the world’s largest mass meditation event ever held with millions of people participating to reconnect the Earth grid to the energy grid of the Universe. Now, the Light Beings have invited us to come together on July 19th, 2021 at 11:11 GMT for the next Fire the Grid project. We will pulse the energy grid to program the Fifth Field, thereby setting the parameters for the future earth and life that we want. New Earth here we come! Worldwide Meditation and Celebration Event on July 19th, 2021 at 11:11 GMT For One Hour - To find your time in your location, click here. (Your computer’s time & time zone must be correctly set for your local time to be accurate)

In this episode, Whitney Vadeboncoeur interviews Anael who is a Canadian-born and based New Age vocal artist with an international music career, and she’s also one of the founders and major contributors of the Fire the Grid worldwide events.

Learn more about Fire the Grid 2 here. Download "Fire the Grid" A Message for Humanity by clicking here. Download Anael's sacred music for the human soul here.

Podcast Music: “Voices” by Patrick Patrikios

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