Loving Yourself is the Greatest Story Ever Told

Updated: Mar 26

This is my path to unity. This is my story of how I fell in love with myself.

We are all here to play a game. Our mission- to wield energy, create & remember who we truly are. We get to fulfill our own unique & individualized purpose in the abyss of forgetting the vastness that we are.

Consider yourself an infinitely, abundant source of pure power. Because you were created, you decide to give back (to the source of your creation) by simply living. So we enter the Great Experiment. A game of self-realization. There are many genres of games too. Some games are multiplayer and others, visual novels. Think of yourself as the vision, dreamer, creator, writer, programmer, plot, settings, and characters of the game. Yet, we experience a limited view of who we actually are. The purpose of forgetting is to experience tunnel vision. This is why we play. It's challenging. It's fun. Life is the greatest form of entertainment.

So here's my story on how I became aware of this game. My name is Whitney Vadeboncoeur.

I know what's it like to rush the Great Experiment (game) because I thought my only objective was to be the best at creating an identity that everyone else wanted. All while ignoring my subconscious-self. This behavior forced everything I had ever built to come crashing down. Sure, I was "successful." I was a business owner. I had a career in C-suite level positions and many other "ideal" things.

I don't know about you but the mentality to outwork everyone around you runs deep. These influences came from my childhood, professional mentors, idols, and media. I had to be the best and the best was never enough.

I burned myself out. I felt empty. So much that I felt unhinged. It was like everything I stood for; hard work, breaking the glass ceiling, money, leadership was wrong.

Many of the people that worked for me consistently burned out too. My mentors told me I needed to work harder at building a tougher mentality in others. Yet I kept thinking: what's the point of working so hard if you don't give yourself space to enjoy it. So I would rest and still felt tired. They would rest and still felt tired. I felt awful and so responsible for burning out my team who was looking at me for answers. I didn't have any.

Likewise, the emptiness grew. It was like a hole that I kept filling with sand, yet the sand kept slipping through the cracks. Little did I know, this hole had a voice. It kept telling me that I was wasting my time and the people I was getting guidance from were guiding me for their benefit. It felt like a smack in the face too. All of the time and dedication to my goals that never felt fulfilled.

Little did I know, I was in the precipice of a spiritual re-awakening.

Eventually, I said, "screw it, I'm out". I walked away from my own corporation. I walked away from my long-term spouse and our belongings. I deleted my social media. I ditched my friends. I stripped everything. All that was left was me. I felt lost. Once again in my life, I was where I started. Stripped from ambition and full of confusion.

So, I went down the rabbit hole. I researched everything and anything that gave me a glimpse of confirmation that this world was not right. I tried to figure out why I was here. I read self-help books on spirituality, magick, and quantum physics. I studied near-death experiences. I changed my diet and lifestyle. I meditated and prayed, hoping to figure out who I was. I kept looking and looking for more answers. Constantly searching for evidence that this world is in fact an illusion.

This is such a weird and confusing time too with the trending "woke" culture. The thing that people fail to realize is how becoming "woke" actually sucks at times. Many of the external factors that we rely on end up completely dissolving.

I noticed the trending spiritual community encourages you to take psychedelics, conjure spells, kill your ego, or even discriminate against the community that is not yet "woke." I didn't have money. I couldn't afford to pay a Shaman or to go to Peru. It can be difficult to find this type of completeness in the United States with so many competing opinions, histories & cultures. Many Americans end up traveling or even relocating. Seeking answers in the West. I thought about this too but I wanted to be close to my family and my best friend, Lola (yes, she's my dog).

I kept reading between the lines thinking, this doesn't feel right either. Maybe it's right for some, but I was more interested in finding unity. I kept thinking, I shouldn't have to pay either. If God was real, why are there so many fees? I wanted Unity with myself, Mother Earth, with all Life, and most importantly Unity with God.

So I begged and prayed for a mentor. A real one. One that would understand their influence. A mentor that wouldn’t manipulate even if it was unintentional. A mentor that didn't have an alternative agenda. Someone who could appreciate me for me. A master to help me connect the dots.

And 6 months later, God gave me a teacher. For real. My teacher came to me too. I didn’t even have to pay. The only gift I gave, was my undivided attention and an open mind.

I will never forget our first conversation. I was nervous, guarded, and on the fence. I told him where I was in life. I was living with my parents at the age of 33, with a ton of valuable skills and unemployed. He was so excited for me too. I was very confused why. It didn't feel exciting. He explained that I had reached zero-point. That I was on the brink of pure possibility. "Anything can happen for you when you're at zero-point," he said.

He is now my business partner and his name is Akshay Trehan.

He is a pure enlightened being. He is many things while he will tell you that he is no-thing at all. He speaks with a gentle-kindness that helps us remember our divinity. All he does too is explain the fundamentals.

Through his mentorship, I was reminded how to love myself again. How to proceed in this world with an open heart. How to even my heart which was extremely closed. He opened me up to lack and confirmed many of my self-imposed limitations. He helped me filter through the bull shit in this world. He didn’t make me do anything weird either. No crystals, meditation, supplements, or courses were involved. All I did was listen and my life has completely transformed. True story.

For the first time in my life, I am truly happy. I know who I am. I know who I am not. I sleep and feel rested. I have vitality. I have a new-found relationship with food and my body. I establish healthy boundaries. I laugh every day and dance without music. I see magick everywhere. I talk to spirit daily. I can read between lines. I get excited every morning I wake up for a new opportunity. I also get the things I want because they just come to me. As a matter of fact, they come with ease.

This brings me to THE CAVE ÔF KNÔWLEDGE. From the moment Akshay and I had our first phone call, I knew this was big. Like colossal.

I have to contribute. I have no other desire than to share. And there are so many things I am going to share. So I am starting here with Akshay as my ride-or-die colleague to bring knowledge to you. The kind of knowledge that lasts forever.

We are starting with social media, a podcast, youtube, 1:1 sessions, and a soon-to-be membership program. Whatever it takes to get you where you need to go. Ultimately our goal is to build a platform for everyone. The vehicle for you to find you're own richness in life. To rejuvenate you whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual. We are here for you. Because you deserve to have fun playing the game of life. You deserve to experience the vastness of which you are.

This is my testimonial. This is my truth. I welcome you to be part of my journey. All you have to do is bring an open heart and an open mind to each session and all participation. It also helps us if you like, share, follow, read, watch and check out our content but mostly it helps you.

I'm not trying to climb the mountain alone. I want to take you with me and I hope you want the same for your loved ones too. Let's do this together. Thank you for being part of this journey.

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