To all that resonates, congratulations spiritual warriors and welcome!

Going through a spiritual awakening is no joke. It is not a “trend” either. There are many out there that want to be part of the spiritual community who in actuality are filled with false light and end up practicing spiritual bypassing. I will get to that in a minute but I want you to accept that going through an awakening is something you are called to do. It is not something you call to do. It is something that you are called to do. It is a right of passage.

In my personal and professional experience, a spiritual awakening is not something to resist. Instead, spirituality is a way of life and takes a lot of courage. Awakening needs your embrace for it to flow. My very own spiritual mentor told me once that walking this path is much easier when you allow yourself to become the hollow bone for spirit to flow through. Life is supernatural and you truly are a supernatural being. Consider a feather that blows in the wind. It does not resist the wind, it simply embraces and lands where the wind goes. That is what going through a spiritual awakening can be like. It does not have to be hard, despite popular belief. But what does make it difficult, is resisting the unknown.

So what is a spiritual awakening? Like any term, it is the meaning behind the words that create the value and that value is defined by you. After all this is your journey. I personally look at it like the heightened ability to distinguish real versus fake. To recognize and embrace that which is for your highest good. Joseph Campbell would consider the path to awakening the hero's journey or even the path of following your bliss. It is considered by many cultures as the path to unity of bridging the internal and external worlds. To unify self with source. The source of all creation.

Like most growth journeys, it is always easier with the care and support of others. I am here to reassure you that you are not alone. If it feels rough, please know that this too shall pass. Afterall, this is the most courageous journey one may choose. The more experience you gain on your newfound spiritual destiny, the more you will recognize that this path leads you further and further into the chambers of you and your soul essence. This is why a common technique for spiritual growth is referred to as shadow work. It is becoming one with your shadow. Becoming one with all versions of you and regardless how painful, the process is nothing short of miraculous. That is why they call them growing pains. Growth can be quite uncomfortable and many times people fail to slow down and recognize how powerful their growth is.

Spirituality is about awakening and aligning to your highest potential. It's important to recognize that the process requires a lot of shedding, letting go or even moving out of your own way. It's learning how to recognize self-limitations or the conditions we tend to place on ourselves and our lives. It is the unlearning of negative self talk. The unlearning of discrimination and the judgement towards ourselves and others. Learning to become the compassionate observer. More and more individuals are awakening each day to the cruelties and illusions of our confined world. The systems are crumbling because they do not serve the highest good for eachother, our animals and planet. The veil is thinning. This is the age of light. Those that cause harm are being called back to source. All is becoming exposed. Rest assured, this age of light seems like the end but it is only a transition into a more beautiful and inclusive world. This is why you came here. All who are awakening are doing so to be part of the change and transformation to a better world.

If everything you have read up to this point resonates, then you are awakening to a higher consciousness of awareness. This is a wonderful gift to expand the mind. Stay curious and follow that which attracts you. It will ease the process on your journey. Everyone's path is uniquely designed for them. Some may resonate with you and some may not apply. Here are 20 tale-tale signs that you my friend are spiritually awakening.

  1. You are adopting a more expansive perspective. Surface level things no longer interest you like they use to.

  2. You're feeling depressed or more emotional than usual. You may be picking up on the collective energy. Salt cleanses & grounding will help with this.

  3. You have come down with an abrupt illness. This may be a sign that you are mean to be a healer. The healer must be wounded first hence the term wounded healer.

  4. You can no longer digest meat or dairy. This is a right of passage to connect with the animal kingdom. Your body is ready to hold a higher frequency of love.

  5. You start to notice the illusion (maya) of society. How it's based on limitations and conditions. How everyone's busy being busy like on a hamster wheel.

  6. You hear ringing in your ears or tinnitus. This is a sign that your body is attuning to a higher frequency or someone from the other realm is trying to communicate.

  7. Your dreams are becoming more visual or even lucid. Use a dream journal to decode the messages your subconscious is communicating with you.

  8. You're noticing synchronicities everywhere like seeing 1111, 144, 333+. These are messages and reminders from your guides and angels for your path.

  9. You start to shift your boundaries and may lose friends because of it. Your friends no longer resonate with the same frequency. This is perfectly normal.

  10. You care more for your health. ie diet change, exercise, cleanses, fasting or detox.

  11. Your intuition is growing stronger.

  12. Your manifestations are coming to fruition much faster. Focus on what you want not what you don't want. This will help you improve your manifestations.

  13. You are recently drawn to crystals and other mystical modalities like tarot, astrology, human design, palm reading, I-ching, QHHT etc.

  14. You no longer care what other people think of you. This is a blessing.

  15. You starts to have bazaar, mystical or even paranormal experiences.

  16. You begin to experience intuitive hits or moments of clairvoyance where you just know things but don't know how you know.

  17. You no longer feel like you fit in with society. Welcome leader.

  18. You are more aware of your "I Am" presence. You're self talk and self limitations.

  19. You are more conscious and considerate of the language you use. Practicing immaculate word is essential in a holographic universe.

  20. You are more about finding your joy then being bogged down by tasks. Even quit your job or old lifestyle.

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