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Intuitive Coaching Session FIRST SESSION ALWAYS FREE

  • 15 minutes
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Service Description

Whitney Vadeboncoeur helps individuals align before they act whether it is personally or professionally. Most of Whitney's clients are philanthropic entrepreneurs, individuals experiencing career breaks, or anyone who needs help aligning with their purpose. She intuitively helps you align with the essence of your soul purpose so you can live abundantly and freely in your power. She does this by helping you tap into your internal power while providing a safe and empowering space for your counsel. A never judging space with an open heart, honored by privacy and sealed with compassionate unbiased teachings. Initial consultations are always free and usually take up to 15-20 minutes. These are to ensure both parties align prior to establishing a mentor-mentee relationship and how to move forward. A student mentality is an absolute requirement in working with Whitney since her expertise hits all facets of life. She does not charge for the initial consultation however pricing is discussed in the first call and depends on the needs of the client as well as workshops and sessions prescribed. If you feel called to donate, you are welcome to donate upon her bequest by visiting the Giving page. To schedule an appointment, please contact Whitney and her team at info@thecaveofknowldge.com. Many blissings to you.

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Greenville, SC, USA